Tony Britton
(Bob Marriott)

Virginia Maskell
(Lucy Byrne)

Peter Cushing
(Professor Sewell)

Ian Bannen
(Alan Andrews)

Raymond Huntley
(Sir George Gatling)

Thorley Walters
(Mr. Prince)

Donald Pleasence
(Bill Brown)

Spike Milligan

Kenneth Griffith
(Dr. Shole)

Geoffrey Bayldon


Roy Boulting and John Boulting

Nigel Balchin

Additional scenes and dialogue by:
Jeffrey Dell and Roy Boulting

Based on the novel "A Sort of Traitors" by:
Nigel Balchin

Roy Boulting and John Boulting


Tense drama of spies chasing scientist who has secret formula to combat plague. Good direction and cast.



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(1960 Drama/Suspense)

SUSPECT US poster artwork

Released in the United States as THE RISK

Film of a Nigel Balchin Novel

A review by THE TIMES

Mr. Nigel Balchin, like the late Nevil Shute, gives the impression that he knows what he is writing about when it comes to what may be called the public aspect of his novels. Work, that is, work as it goes on in the laboratories, offices, and board rooms of this world is an essential part of the lives of his characters, and he makes that work convincing. Suspect, now to be seen at the Queen's Cinema. Bayswater, is based on his novel A Sort of Traitors, and he himself is responsible Tony Britton and Peter Cushingfor the script. The film is produced and directed by Mr. Roy and Mr. John Boulting; they have made a workmanlike job of what was a workmanlike book.

A moral issue is posed in Suspect and that, since it is concerned not so much with private morality as public duty, alone is a welcome surprise. A team of scientists, under the lead of Professor Sewell (Mr. Peter Cushing), is engaged in research on virulent germs that can stamp out bubonic plague and typhus epidemics. It is ready to publish its results when Authority steps in and invokes the Official Secrets Act, since what is designed to cure disease could, in the hands of an enemy, serve to spread it.

The members of the team react to the news in differing ways, and most outspoken in his indignant contempt for the obstruction of Authority is Marriott (Mr. Tony Britton). So far, indeed, does he go in his rebellion that, egged on by no means disinterested persons, he is on the brink of giving the secret documents to an agent (Mr. Donald Pleasence), who claims to represent some good-doing body with a vague title like the International Scientific Information Society. He is Ian Bannen and Donald Pleasencecontemplating, in other words, a "sort" of treason, and the fact that his motives are pure and unselfish does nothing to make his action less dangerous.

Here, then, is a situation which can be -- and is -- discussed in intelligent terms, and the direction and the acting are duly grateful, although some of the comic moments are awkward, artificial, and embarrassing, Suspect gains much from the playing of the minor parts -- Mr. Thorley Walters, for instance, is admirable as a security officer who hides his shrewdness under an air of absent-minded bewilderment and Mr. Raymond Huntley succeeds in giving startling conviction to a politician who is neither the humbug nor the fool the scientists believe him to be. Miss Virginia Maskell and Mr. Ian Bannen are in able control of the private, emotional side of the story.

From the November 14, 1960 edition of THE TIMES. All Rights Reserved.
Review 1960 THE TIMES. All Rights Reserved.


Pleasence as Brown

Donald Pleasence as Bill Brown.

An inquisitive Pleasence

Donald Pleasence posing questions to Tony Britton in a pub.

Pleasence and Britton

Pleasence receiving the documents from Britton.

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