British Stage and Screen Vet Donald Pleasence Stars in New Local Film

One of the busiest actors in Britain's stable of dramatic talents, Donald Pleasence is back again in Raw Meat, American International's spine-tingling new horror film the..........Theatre. He portrays a London police inspector with a nasty disposition tracking down the strange murders of a number of citizens on the platform of a London subway station.

Donald has often been closely related with nasty characters in his film roles and often played the prime villain. In Kidnapped, an earlier American International release he portrayed Ebenezer Balfour, the crafty and villainous uncle of David Balfour. Other recent films were Soldier Blue, Wake In Fright, Cul-de-Sac, and The Caretaker.

Born in Nottinghamshire in 1919, he is a graduate of British repertory theatre and gained top prominence on the British stage before he entered into film portrayals. Since then he has added television to his laurels and won great success in a number of top television dramas.

Joining Pleasence in the nastiness peddled by Raw Meat is Christopher Lee, who ranks with Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Peter Lorre and Lon Chaney as a master of the horror film trade. They share the cast of Raw Meat with Norman Rossington, David Ladd and Sharon Gurney.

Filmed on location in London, Raw Meat is produced by Paul Maslansky and directed by Gary Sherman from a screenplay by Ceri Jones.

Photo courtesy of Tim Murphy

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