THE BIG DAY: Campaign Sheet Synopsis

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When George Baker (COLIN GORDON), the forceful managing director of a small but progressive company, decides to appoint a new director from among his staff, he is faced with three possibilities.

There is Victor Partridge (DONALD PLEASENCE), the accountant. At forty-two, a married man with two children, Partridge is an introvert; a worrier. But he manages to find some happiness in his love affair with Nina Wentworth (ANDREE MELLY), his nineteen-year-old secretary. Despite her age, Nina appears sophisticated, and is taking what she can out of life regardless of the consequences.

The transport manager, Harry Jackson (HARRY H. CORBETT) is certain of his chances of promotion, for he is married to the managing director's sister, a firm believer in the 'divine' right of relatives in business. And Mabel is a woman who is not afraid to battle for her beliefs.

Third person on the short list is the sales manager, Tom Selkirk (WILLIAM FRANKLYN). Young, able and go ahead, he feels that his chances are good so long as favouritism doesn't make Jackson the automatic choice.

Baker has told all three that, after an interview, a decision will be made on the following Friday. Tension runs high in three homes as well as throughout the office.

At their interviews the contenders react according to type. Jackson plays on the strong family ties; Selkirk oversells himself to an embarrassing degree; Partridge is nervous and at a loss for words.

As the days pass, Partridge, who doesn't think for one moment that he will get the position, begins to make mistakes with the figures. Selkirk in an overzealous moment, makes an error of judgement that Jackson is quick to turn to his advantage. But this situation is reversed when Selkirk discovers sharp practice in the running of the transport section.

As the big day approaches, the whole firm is aghast when Jackson discloses the affair between Partridge and Nina. The accountant is horrified, but the damage is done. Only Nina is unconcerned. In fact, she delights in the notoriety.

On the Friday, each of the three men is called to the managing director, two with their hopes high and Partridge in his usual state of self-pity and despair. But when the result is announced it is Victor Partridge, the tounge-tied mediocre little man who centred in a scandal, who is to be the new director---on the strict condition that he immediately fires Nina.

As the secretary leaves, Partridge turns to his desk where the papers are already beginning to pile up. It is a hollow victory.

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