The following memory is from an e-mail that I received from the great cult film actress Adrienne Barbeau. Barbeau appeared with Pleasence in the 1981 science fiction classic ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, which was directed by her ex-husband John Carpenter. Very special thanks to Ms. Barbeau for taking time to pay tribute to the "Man with the Hypnotic Eye."

Dear Mr. Weedman,

I loved working with Donald. Sometimes he would make me laugh so hard that I didn't think I could get through a take. Invariably, he would wait until right before the cameras were rolling to say some outrageous thing which would put me in a state of gut wrenching laughter.

The comment I remember the clearest, however, had to do with his take on his life and his career. Referring to some of the less than classy films he had done, he said, "I would have had a much different career if I didn't have so many ex-wives to support. I could have been George C. Scott." He said it in good humor, without a trace of rancor, but it did have the ring of truth to it.

What a lovely thing--to have him memorialized on the internet.

My best,


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